What Did I Just Do? Breaking Down The Shellcode Example.

Recap what we accomplished and how we accomplished it in the assembly to shellcode posts.


Some Simple Assembly and System Calls

Last time we talked about system calls.  This time we are going to write a program in assembly language that directly invokes two Linux system calls.  The write() system call and the exit() system call.  To follow along with this entry you’re going to need to install nasm or a similar functioning assembler on your […]

We Need to Talk About Computers…

Its been a little while since I’ve posted but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on the 100 days of hacking.  I have been hitting books and gaining background knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of computers.  Rather than simply copying code and hitting return the goal is to be able to come up […]

Format Strings III Writing to Memory.

Last time we saw that we can use format strings to read a memory address if we input the right command line argument.  This time we are going to learn about how to write data to memory using the %n parameter. The Set Up We are going to continue to use the fmt_vuln.c program.  As […]