Learning For Free: Programming

I have seen the debate over the value of college in the cyber security world play out in several arenas.  There are people who feel college is valuable and people who feel that college is a complete waste of time.  I’m not going to jump on either side of the argument because I feel it […]

64 vs 32 Continued. (It’s a Trap!)

It’s time to continue exploring the differences in 64-bit and 32-bit architecture (at least from a buffer overflow standpoint) by taking a look at their respective stacks in memory.  We are going to use the same  program we used last time and see what we figure out by using gdb.  I’m going to walk through […]

64-bit and 32-bit

Today we are going to do a little discussion about the differences between a 32-bit machine and a 64-bit machine with x86 architecture.  The differences in the architectures have implications for how we go about exploiting programs. I am going to be doing some comparisons between the 32-bit Debian I have been using and 64-Bit […]

Time to Branch Out On Our Own.

We have hit an interesting point in HTAE.  We can continue on as we have been going through the book or we can do something a little different. I’m electing to do something a little different.  The reasoning behind this is as follows.  To continue with Hacking the Art of Exploitation under the assumption that […]