Who Am I.

I’m a person who continually learns everything I can about what interests me.  I am a student in a masters program in computer science with an interest in cyber security and machine learning.  I hold a masters in applied mathematics and did some research on attacking a public key exchange algorithm. I am not totally new to programming, I have used several languages for a variety of problems. I am also not totally new to cyber security, I have read a few things and taken some courses.

I am writing this blog from the perspective of learning from the beginning. I am going to purposefully pose some naive questions and thoughts that I had when beginning. Some of those thoughts were wrong, and some of those thoughts were incomplete because you learn things later. Why would I include them? I’m writing this blog as a journey into hacking and computer security. In my opinion a true journey is not written from the standpoint of having arrived at your destination. If you gloss over the fact that you took a wrong turn along the way then you are excluding part of your journey. I am also including these things to make a distinction between knowing something exists and truly knowing how something works.

In this blog there are bound to be some errors and ways to do things better than what I discuss, in some posts I’ll probably point out better ways of doing things.  I’m always open to discussion about what I write and approaches to doing things.

Unless otherwise noted all pictures in the posts come from pixabay.