Starting a New Month.

Keeping on Track.

It’s a new month.  Hopefully last month was a good one for you and you are continuing to learn how to break stuff.  This month we will continue to explore more exploits in Hacking the Art of Exploitation.

The Plan for August.

We finished July with the last of the stack overflow examples in HTAE.  So we are going to finish Chapter 0x300 Exploits and move to 0x400 Networking, then on to 0x500 Shellcode.

Why am I including networking?  Because if you don’t have physical access you’re going to have to use a network to get access to the machine.   It also has network programs in C included in the chapter.  The more exposure we get to writing C code and programs the better we will be at writing our own programs in C.

The Plan in General

The plan in general is to continue to work on building up to malware and rootkits.  We are also going to start taking a more serious look at reverse engineering.  There are some exciting books coming out soon on those subjects as well.  So hopefully we will have some more resources.

In addition to books we are going to start working on some programming skills.  Rootkits will interact with kernels.  So we need to start learning how to write programs to interact with kernels.  I have been searching the web for tutorials and programming guides for malware writing.  Hopefully we will be able to piece some of our own code together and start learning how malicious code interacts with our system directly.


If you’re reading my blog and getting anything from it I would just like to say thanks and I hope its been informative.  Keep breaking stuff.


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