Batteries Not Included.

In my last post I said I would discuss what happens when we run the program we are exploring with some security features enabled and on different architecture.  That post is in the works and still the next technical post.  However, in writing that post I had a few internal debates about how I am structuring the blog and what to include.  So I’m going to put those out there.

Giving Information and Personal Credibility.

Giving information to people is easy.  You just put it out there where people can see it.  What they do with that information has a lot to do with where the information comes from and what it’s about.  If the audience doesn’t care about the subject then presumably they will ignore it and move on.  If they care about the subject then the source of the information comes into play when evaluating the information.  Does the source know what they are talking about?

A good example of this dynamic is Wikipedia.  Anyone can edit Wikipedia and the information available there shows this.  My experiences with using that site have shown that in certain scientific cases, mathematics in my case and some computer science, the more technical the topic the more useful/accurate the information usually is.  Though I’m sure there are exceptions.  I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to take the time to edit the wiki page on unbounded linear operators then you probably have some knowledge of the subject.  However I still back up what I read there with textbooks and source materials that are not community edited.

How that dynamic effects my blog is simple.  Why should you read anything I write?  First off hopefully it interests you.  I take the time to research what I’m writing about to provide what I believe to be informative material that is useful.  (If you disagree send some thoughts my way to improve, I’m happy to listen)  I also have a bit of experience in the subject and that experience is growing.  However as it is stated on my about me page I am a student in computer science so my level of expertise is that of a student in computer science.

Why am I talking about this?

I am writing this blog as a journey into hacking.  There is a distinction between being aware of the existence of something and being experienced with that subject.  I am writing this from the standpoint of knowing something exists and expanding that knowledge to being experienced with the tools and concepts involved.  Why?  Because no matter how much you know there is always more to learn.  Also because as I write this I would like to set it up so that someone can pick up my blog from day 1 and follow it to their own journey into hacking.  So in a sense I’m approaching this blog from a teaching perspective.

The point.

I feel in writing a blog about a journey into a field it would be a disservice to exclude the wrong turns along the way.  So I am including some of my naive thoughts and expectations in my blog what turned out to be mistaken.


I have encountered those that believe if you don’t know everything about your subject and there’s any possibility you could be wrong you should just never say anything at all.  I disagree completely with that statement.  Exploring what makes something wrong and the thought process of getting to the right answer is very productive in my opinion.  Especially if I came to that wrong conclusion based on intuition or naive thinking.  So I am including times when I came to the wrong conclusion and what lead to that conclusion.  I may not include the correct outcome or a detailed discussion until later in the blog, it depends on how detailed that discussion has to be.  I’m learning more as I write this blog and hopefully you are learning as well if you’re reading it.


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