100 Days of Hacking.

That’s the goal.  The real goal is much more than that but it seemed a little outlandish to start out with 10,000 hours of hacking.   Why 10,000 hours?  That’s the amount of time I have read it takes to become proficient at whatever you are trying to do.  10,000 hours seems rather arbitrary, but I can accept that 5 years of experience is a good base point to have a solid grasp of what you’re doing.

In reality I imagine that it depends a lot more on what your ability in the subject is and how you spend those 10,000 hours.  I tend to pick up on technical subjects fairly quickly.  So I hope that I can become a lot more than proficient in 10,000 hours.

Back to the 100 days of Hacking.  Its a blatant rip off of a tagline that I assumed was a challenge for 100 days of code.  So I will tackle 100 days of hacking subject matter and have a write up for each day.  The write ups will probably be short, but hopefully be informative of something that I have learned in that day.

The term hacking is a bit vague.  For the purposes of this blog I’m going to start out with OS hacking.  The way computers run fascinates me, and along with that the way to take them over using root kits and malware fascinates me as well.  So that’s where I will start.  Operating systems and hacking them.  100 days of learning about operating systems and how to exploit them.



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